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, nor arrested. police say he is cooperating. crabtree is in atlanta right now with the 49ers for tomorrow's nfc championship game. fans here in san francisco are shocked to hear of the investigation of this star player. >> i don't understand why these guys who have it so good and who are such big in the news right now, why they would do something or he would do something that could potentially hurt not only himself and his family, but the team. >> as a fan, i'm going to back him up until it comes through. but right now it sounds fake. >> the san francisco police special victims' unit is continuing to investigate the allegations. after their work is complete, the investigation will be turned over to the district attorney's office. last night the 49ers released this statement. quote, we are aware of the allegation against mikeel and understands that he has fully cooperated with authorities. the 49ers take such matters very seriously. our calls and e-mails to both michael crabtree, his agent and his attorney have not yet been returned. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapp
the championship game against seattle or traveling to atlanta next weekend. the niners will face the winner of this morning's game between the seahawks and the falcons. last night the 49ers defeated the green bay packers at candlestick park. here's schu with the highlights and postgame reaction in sports. >> good morning. i am now a believer. i had my doubts about colin kaepernick leading them into the playoffs with only seven nfl starts. he started the game with a nightmare throw but battles back and sets an nfl record in the process. aaron rodgers and alex smith, 2005 number one draft choice, before the game. fans worried about the quarterback in the beginning. second pass forecast game by kaepernick picked off by sam shields. he goes 52 yards and just like that 7-0 packers but the kid made up for his mistake. third and agent from the packers 20. takes it himself. his first postseason touchdown. wouldn't be his last. game tied at 7. green bay, 22 minutes of possession only in this game but dajuan harris gives them the lead. great cut here. 14-7 packers. niners answer. two straight kaepern
are right. >> so mike shumann is continuing to follow the niners fan excitement in atlanta and he's going to have a live report later this morning on the abc7 news morning news at nine. and again tonight on abc7 news at five and six. >>> the lawyer for wide receiver michael crabtree said his client is cooperating with authorities. crabtree is being investigated for suspicion of sexual assault. a woman claims he assaulted her last sunday just hours after the niners divisional playoff win over the green bay packers. crabtree has not been arrested or detained. the 49ers say the issue will not be a distraction in this afternoon's nfc championship game. >>> coming up next, people run for their lives during a shooting at a gun show, and it wasn't the only incident yesterday. and surf's up. the anticipation building for the first mavericks surf competition in three years. we will tell you which high profile big wave surfers are going to miss today's contest. [ female announcer ] there's a great way to make just about anything delicious. simply add jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread. whatever
have sour dough and the chocolate and grits from atlanta, and a famous hotdog and barbecue. i would never have thought of barbecue. that is pork barbecue which is vinegar baseed. move on to the weather, go to you can weigh in. looking at the embarcardero it is quiet. notice the trees are not swaying, not much of a wind and the stagnant air will yield poor air quality in more of the bay area and north bay, east bay, and even around san francisco. on top of the mountain you can see the dry air is being picked up with in clouds. well talk about what is going on for today. we will have hazy sun shine and a "spare the air" day again. as we head to tonight, it will be frosty inland again with the temperatures showing up inland again but notice around the bay we are warmer than yesterday, mid-30's to upper 30's and mid-40's around san francisco and half moon bay and you can see upper 30's around monterey bay and 42 am salinas but frost to the south. headed to sunday our highs have been ever so slowly warming he will do that and be at height on sunday. 60 in redwood city and na
a store once occupied the site under a special exemption. >> next up, atlanta, the san francisco 49ers are ready to play the falcons on sunday with the winner going to the super bowl. the 49ers beat the packers on saturday night at candlestick with a record-setting performance by the quaterback and they -- the falcons beat the seahawks. the championship title is on the line on sunday at the georgia dome. >> at the niners prepare to take on the falcons fans are sharing pray off pride. a viewer sent this picture of a happy couple tailgating. wonder if she did this face painting? do you like that? pretty intimidating. another intimidating fan, the owner says he had the niners gear on for a game day barbecue on saturday. >> intimidating is better, i think. >> look at that expression. >> that is game face. >> 6:36. traffic is weather, together, next on abc7 morning news with a look outside from the rooftop camera. you can see the bay bridge. it is cold. we even have reports of black ice. that is coming up and mike will have the forecast. >> check this out, general motors takes the wraps off and we will post them at our sports reporter is in atlanta to cover the game with the first reports airing later today right here. >> former 49er super bowl wide receiver. >> he has the ring to proven -- prove it. >> and san francisco is picked to roll out the new menu offering. >> and a new fuel efficient s.u.v. on the market. jane king? 700 mile on a tank? is that right? >> that is amazing. chrysler says the new jeep will get a grown makeover and the 2014 model can ride 700 miles between fill ups getting 30 miles per hour on the highway and has come a long way since 2009 when it was the most traded in vehicle during the "cash for clunkers" program. the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq look like this, it could be a day called a waste of a clean shirt. not a lost movement. and bloomburg silicon valley index is cloning lower. vegetarians will have something new to try at chipolte, but their cost the burrito is going up because of higher food costs so they may is to raise menu prices. whether you love or hate mcdonald's, several chains are using value to service and found that only
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6